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Are you a third culture kid (TCK), ATCK (adult third culture kid), or parent of a TCK? Are you struggling with your identity, what it means to be a global citizen, or adjusting through various life challenges? Or are you a parent of a TCK looking for strategies on how to help support your child as you raise them as a TCK?

Let me coach you! I am an ATCK who was raised in 3 countries, and then continued the nomadic lifestyle into my adulthood. I am familiar with the challenges that come along with this lifestyle such as grief, loss, and restlessness. I am here to support you, and give you tools to navigate life from this unique perspective so that you may leverage this experience, and turn it into a strength, and utilise it for the advantages that accompany it.


This is for you if...

  • You're a TCK or ATCK and are having trouble understanding yourself
  • You're a TCK or ATCK and want to find tools navigating life, managing grief and your identity
  • You're the parent of a TCK, and not sure how to help support your child
  • You're thinking of raising your children as TCK's and want to know the best way to go about it
  • You want to speak to someone who has lived the experience that can provide first hand knowledge and tools
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Hi there, I’m Liadan. I was raised in 3 countries: USA, Australia, and Argentina, and have since continued the nomadic lifestyle into my adulthood where I have also lived in Spain and Italy, worked in Uganda and China, and travelled whenever it was humanly possible. My name is Irish, and I have an Irish passport; although, I have never lived in Ireland.  My accent tends to confuse everyone. My mother was born in Scotland, but I’m not Scottish, but I kind of am? My grand father lived in Costa Rica, where I spent a lot of time growing up. So am I Costa Rican? American? Australian? Argentine? Sort of. What about Spanish? Sure - why not! Let’s add it in. 

This sort of transient chaos is what defines home to me. The airports, the different foods, the constantly changing traditions, the diversity of people, the lack of ability to answer the simple question of: where are you from? This is what makes being a TCK so fun, but also confusing. 

When I was a teenager, I wasn’t aware that I was a TCK, and I struggled with my identity and grief tremendously. Even into my mid twenties, I was very conflicted about my identity, which affected my mental health, and even clouded my ability to decide what type of career would fit me best, what country I should live in, even what language I should think in. 

Luckily, I always tended to follow my curiosities, which led me to study neuroscience and anthropology. However, it wasn’t until I started studying the social group dynamics of chimpanzees that I began to question myself as to why I was so interested in understanding group dynamics in the first place.

It occurred to me that it was likely because as a TCK, I don’t fall into groups in the same way that monocultural people do. This is really when my inner work as a TCK began. I started to realise how the mental health struggles I faced when I was younger were due to unresolved grief I had experienced due to my relocations, and loosing my worlds over and over. Also, how the identity struggles I faced all came back to how our world defines people by their group (ie: country, race, religion, etc), and how my lack of pertaining to any full group contributed to this identity crisis. 

Although it is true that our world is structured in this manner, I discovered how important TCKs are because we challenge this norm. People are complex, and we shouldn’t be defined by our country, religion or race. We can be intricate combinations of many places, ideologies, or cultures. In fact, this is what the world so desperately needs to embrace, and understand. 

The world needs TCKs. We just have to be able to see how our identity needn’t be defined in the traditional sense. We must mourn our losses. We must recognise our strengths. We must acquire the support that we need. We must build our own communities, and embrace our own diversity. This is what I was able to realise and achieve, and is exactly what I can help you with; so that you can leverage your TCK-ness and navigate life from this truly special, and unique perspective in the healthiest way possible.


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